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Welcome to Evan Sumlin's Portfolio.

My name is Evan Sumlin, I have been graphic designing for nearly 15 years. I have worked on over 1000+ projects with over 300 clients since professionally beginning this journey in 2016. My area of expertise includes flyer design, website design and lo I have worked with clients in Los Angeles, Dayton, Cleveland, Atlanta, New York, and Miami, just to name a few. 

Please enjoy some of my featured projects and I look forward to working with you and your company soon!



Billboard Design 

I created this billboard design in January 2022, for an Atlanta based salon company with over $1M in sales. I chose to use this billboard because of its' versatility and I enjoyed creating it. This billboard was also featured in Times Square in New York City.


Thank You Card Design

This thank you card design stuck out to me because of the color scheme. I was able to create the entire brand aesthetic including the logo, the website and Instagram content.

3whitesole 2.PNG


Logo Design

Using a very unique font, I created both a submark design and a text based logo design for a salon studio/suite based in Atlanta, GA. I enjoyed creating this design due to the structure of the submark logo.


Logo Design

I chose this example for a Text Based Logo Design because of the color scheme of the logo. What stuck out most to me with this design was the simplicity of the logo and how versatile the logo can be. 

tonaltrends2 2.PNG


Social Media Flyer

I chose this social media flyer example because it is one of my most recent projects. I worked with two beauty influencers based in Atlanta to create social media marketing for their upcoming beauty tour. This is also one of my most favorite recent flyers yet. I enjoyed picking the color scheme while still ensuring the cleanliness of the flyer design.



Hair Care Labelling & Mockup

Mockups are always a fun way to utilize images without having a direct photoshoot. Using a logo I created, I was able to provide my client with a quality product photoshoot without her actually having to utilize one. I also designed the label for her haircare line, Gene no. 7.



Website Design

This basic website design was created for a hairstylist in Altanta, GA. I designed her logo, the labels for her products, and the mockups. I enjoyed this project a lot because I had full creative control.

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