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May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

I’m excited to announce my first ever fundraiser for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). As a person who suffers from anxiety and depression, I did not take my mental health seriously until I got to college. Environments can easily trigger anxiety, and depression can be due to a number of things! In the Black community, only one quarter of us actually seek mental health care AND we make up an even smaller amount of therapists. 


While, life does sometimes seem like it’s all glitz and glam, (sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t…and THAT’S OKAY!), I’ve learned recently it’s okay, to not be okay! Sometimes we hold things together, even when we know we can’t! 


For the entire month of May, you (and anyone else, of course), can donate any amount and receive a $20 Branded by EM gift card. All proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to NAMI-Montgomery County, OH.


I am excited to grow in my mental health journey + hope that you too, are taking care of yourself!

If you would like more information on NAMI, please visit

For more information on Mental Health, please visit:

Are you a Black Woman seeking a therapist? If so, click here.

Are you a Black Man seeking a therapist? If so, click here.


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