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Welcome to Evan Sumlin's Portfolio.

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Tress World Billboard

I created this billboard in December 2020, for an Atlanta based hair growth oil company with over $1M in sales. I chose to use this billboard because of its' versatility and I enjoyed creating it.


Thank You Card Design

This thank you card design stuck out to me because of the color scheme. I was able to create the entire brand aesthetic including the logo, the website and Instagram content.



Website Development

I enjoyed creating this website for a local boutique in Dayton, and in the process, I was able to utilize another platform, which is Shopify.


Logo Revamp

I chose this logo revamp example because of the "before & after" effect of the logo. I was able to change the entire consumer perspective of the logo while still keeping its' main elements.



Social Media Flyer

I chose this social media example because it was one of my most favorite recent flyers yet. I enjoyed picking the color scheme and still fitting the vibe of the "brunch & makeup" mood.



Hair Care Labelling & Mockup

Mockups are always a fun way to utilize images without having a direct photoshoot. Using the logo from the revamp mentioned above, I was able to provide my client with a quality product photoshoot without her actually having to utilize one.

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