All pricing at Branded by Evan Monet is subject to change at any time, is non-negotiable and becomes effective upon posting to this site. If there has been an agreed pricing between Evan and the client before changes have been made, it will remain valid until that project is complete.​ Currently, payments are all made with a debit/credit card or through Sezzle.  No project will begin until payment has been 100% cleared.


We do not provide refunds for any services unless agreed upon. Having buyer's remorse or wanting to use another company instead is not a suitable means for a refund. Once payment has been made, the project will begin in the time frame given to the client. It is advised that you give the project ample time for completion for these reasons: revisions may be needed, it may be a peak in the orders received and prior work received may take longer than expected. I provide a suitable time frame, however, there may be an additional business day or two needed before I can begin if it is a busy time. ​

If there is a situation where you have purchased an item, but change your mind on which item you'd like, you will be issued a store credit in lieu of a refund. Additionally, this is only valid IF the project has not been yet placed in our immediate queue. The store credit expires 30 days after issuance. There are ZERO exceptions.


For all projects done by us, there is a three (3) revision limit. After that, all additional revisions will incur a $35 fee per revision. For larger scale projects like web design, the number of revision is limited to 4. This is to ensure a steady work flow so your project can be completed in a reasonable time frame. Please understand that revisions do not count in the original turnaround time. The more revisions needed, will cause a change in your turnaround time.

Please understand that client response plays a key role in how swift this process moves. If there is a delay in response within 10 business days,, your deposit/payment is at risk of being forfeited with no refund. Please note, a $100.00 fee may incur for all projects that wish to be back in their original spot in our queue. 

Draft images of ANY kind are for the purpose of approval only. They may not be copied, manipulated, or distributed to any other person or company other than those directly involved with the project without prior permission from us. All drafts works are the property of Evan Sumlin.

Upon receiving final draft, please note we do not save files after 30 days. 

Updated 7/6/2021

After approval of files (logos, flyers, etc) customers have 48 hours to pay remaining balance, if any. Failure to do so will result in a $10 per day fee incurring.